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Damara Megido by ChibiRinzler-Chan Damara Megido :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 0 0 fantroll quenna by ChibiRinzler-Chan fantroll quenna :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 0 0 Promstuck by ChibiRinzler-Chan Promstuck :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 1 2
Why do you keep talking to me
When I keep messing up?
Why aren't you tired if me
When everyone else is?
Why do you tell me anything
When I just misunderstand?
Why do you not want me I leave you
When you want to break things off?
Why don't you want to talk
When that's the only way we've fixed things?
Why do you tell me you love me
When you don't want to help me?
Why do I stay
When I can tell you want me to go?
:iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 0 0
Because I misunderstood,
Because I panicked,
Because I cut,
Because I starved,
Because I cried,
Because I failed,
Because I was sad TOO,
You got mad at me.
You blamed me,
And said I hurt you once
When all you ever did
Was make me want to die
And make me feel guilty
That I misunderstood,
That I panicked,
That I cut,
That I starved,
That I cried,
That I failed,
That I was sad too.
:iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 0 0
You have been trying
For nearly 18 years or your fucking life.
What have you accomplished,
Other than jack shit?
You have parents who hate you,
Who think you're stupid.
Peers that scorn you
And tease you
And force you to be the butt of
Lesbian jokes
When you're not even a girl.
You sit for hours with a pen in hand,
Furiously trying to capture your mind
With drawings and doodles or maybe even
But you have nothing more than a few scribbles
After hours
And days
And weeks
That bleed with you into years and years
You have nothing to show for it
:iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 0 0
sunlight by ChibiRinzler-Chan sunlight :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 2 0 Shenzo (homestuck fantroll) by ChibiRinzler-Chan Shenzo (homestuck fantroll) :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 1 0 PB+J by ChibiRinzler-Chan PB+J :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 1 0 Selfie by ChibiRinzler-Chan Selfie :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 2 2 Trashboy by ChibiRinzler-Chan Trashboy :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 1 0 Gamzee x Kankri by ChibiRinzler-Chan Gamzee x Kankri :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 4 2 Humanstuck Gamzee by ChibiRinzler-Chan Humanstuck Gamzee :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 2 25 Pancakes!! by ChibiRinzler-Chan Pancakes!! :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 4 6 Techie thing by ChibiRinzler-Chan Techie thing :iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 6 2
Silent Hillstuck/Humanstuck: Happy Ending
He stayed by Miracle's body for a long time, just sitting by it, holding it's small, now cold hand. He kept whispering quiet apologies to her, saying that he should have been a better father, how it was all his fault she got hurt. But he knew in his heart he could not spend any more time with the ruined body of his precious Miracle. Gamzee released her hand and began to climb to his feet. He hesitated while halfway standing, then stooped down and began to trace patterns on the dirty floor. Then he gathered the pistol and axe, leaving behind the mangled body of his "daughter" and a message written in blood.
Gamzee slowly crept out of the ruined orphanage. Going up the stairs, he dragged his hand along the still-bloody wall, smudging the wet blood as he went. As he stepped out, he looked around. The streets were dark, and...different. The entire world was dark, gloomy, and dangerous. Shadows flickered everywhere he looked, the shadows of monstrous beasts, images
:iconchibirinzler-chan:ChibiRinzler-Chan 2 4


Happy holidays from deviantART!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through dA,
Not a troll was stirring, nor Grinch in his sleigh.
Deviations were hung in digital Galleries with care,
In hopes that +Favourites soon would be there.
The n00bs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Daily Deviations danced in their heads.
And Fella in his 'kerchief, and spyed with his night-light,
Had just settled down to log-off for the night,
When over in the Forums there arose such a clatter,
Fella sprang back online to see what was the matter.
To the browser window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the tabs and refreshed the cache.
When what to his art-loving eyes should appear,
But an animated sleigh and eight commissioned reindeer,
With a little old driver, so creative and slick,
Fella knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than broadband, his reindeer were famed,
After all his favorite ar
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,701 3,170
10 Tips to Improve your Art
This is a short summary of the – in my opinion – most important points I found all over the internet, while studying what it needs to improve your drawing and painting skills. I hope it will be helpful to many aspiring artists!
1. Learn the basics
Perspective, composition, color theory, anatomy, lighting & shading – this may be boring, but it's very important. You have to understand the basics to have a foundation to build on.
Also start with realism. You can simplify it to comics or Manga once you have mastered the fundamentals.
2. Have the right attitude
Don't rely on talent alone. Expensive equipment or an art school won't automatically make your artworks brilliant. Don't expect anyone to teach you, but study on your own. You have to work hard to become a good artist. Don't give up, if you really want it.
3. Start early and have a plan
Start working on your art
:iconbernuviel:Bernuviel 390 80
Meulin by nikisinsignificant Meulin :iconnikisinsignificant:nikisinsignificant 498 24
Wooden boy ~Thousand Sweep Wiengenlied~ -Gamzee-
"I am sorry That I even exist."
The boy who believed he was worthless.
the color of his blood was different, from the other trolls.
At and old tree that stands tall in the woods.
he would kneel down their everyday,
and when he did, he would wish and hope, for a single friend.
It was I who wanted to grant,
the wish of that sorrowful boy.
but in my former state, it would have been,
But then one day, she just Appeared,
A sorceress who had heard my plea.
with help from her, I, a spirit,
was reborn as a mortal.
The world outside of my old home, part of me wonders if I'll get used to it.
And I could not understand, why that boy would never stop shedding his tears.
This new world I've come to meet, has a peace so constant it's' becoming old.
It may help if you'd explain, why you are always in such painful state.
Two trolls who are vastly different from each other,
Are finally able to meet face to face.
Let this vow that I've made for him, travel to the very end of time,
even if it
:iconask-kaalai-m:Ask-Kaalai-M 1 4
Rise From Ashes
Hello all,
I'm just finishing up the buffer art for the webcomic which should be launched sometime in August if all goes well. It will be titled Rise From Ashes and the plan is to have it free to read on its own site as well as some extra goodies for subscribers on Patreon. There'll be more info but for now all you need to know is that it features ghosts, necromancy, teenagers and possibly a world war (!).
Hope you like it! And of course, Hollow Fields 4 is still in production. Whew!
:iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 7 39
Clockwork 7: Pancakes
Hi guys,
I've been perfecting my pancake mix lately, because strawberries are in season and you know, strawberries and pancakes and nutella and icecream and bewrlkjweaehrwaxnfsmdfawdds...
Oh, and I'm inking Hollow Fields volume 4. I hope everyone loves it when they get to read it, because there's been a big break between volumes (although in the story only a few weeks have passed...).
Also I'm still going on my webcomic, and figuring out a start date for that. I need to get a buffer going before I can launch it, but it's finally looking how I want it too. Yargh! It will be a story for older readers (older than HF, but not mature and gory and sexay). Looking forward to having something I can update and get feedback on regularly, it will be different from doing a volume of HF per year!
Off to make another pancake, rawr!
:iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 9 42
Twentieth Century Ghosts by Clockwork7 Twentieth Century Ghosts :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 212 39 Back to School by Clockwork7 Back to School :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 174 39 Croach redesign sketch by Clockwork7 Croach redesign sketch :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 133 64 Albatross by Clockwork7 Albatross :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 166 26 Happy New Year 2013 by Clockwork7 Happy New Year 2013 :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 132 33 Can't Sleep by Clockwork7 Can't Sleep :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 284 26 Carmen sketch by Clockwork7 Carmen sketch :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 264 37 Schemers by Clockwork7 Schemers :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 112 25 Notch roomservice by Clockwork7 Notch roomservice :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 276 56 Hollow Fields 4 page 16 by Clockwork7 Hollow Fields 4 page 16 :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 84 57




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey homies! My name's Andrew.
I'm an 18 year old male from Arizona, who's interests include drawing, cosplaying, and writing. The fandoms I'm in mostly are Homestuck, Kill la Kill, and Pacific Rim. Especially Pacific Rim.
I cosplay Homestuck, and my best cosplay is my Grand Highblood!!

I have been gone from this site for what feels like a few years, and I'm trying to become active here once again. I'm always on my tumblr though, so feel free to chat me the motherfuck up.

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